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Jessica Fey

Tyler Deeb is an art director, designer & illustrator living in Louisville, Kentucky.



My interest in graphic design began in 2004 during a walk with my dear friend Aaron Marrs. I was a 20 year old drifter, aimlessly applying myself to random service-industry jobs & college courses. Being creative was not a major interest of mine, although as a child I remember having strong aesthetic preferences which were never developed. I couldn’t answer the question “why make art?” So, as I walked home with Aaron from my job at a coffee shop, he got a phone call from a touring band that needed a T-shirt designed quickly. Aaron came up to my apartment, sat himself in my room and began to hustle. Three hours later he had an approved design and three-hundred dollars. The dollar amount was more than I made in a week. I became inspired - creativity with a clear function, a career with less boundaries, and one that offered a far better wage. So, I invested in a laptop, Adobe Creative Suite and then put my hands to the plow. Working feverishly for four years, disciplining & creating work myself. In 2008 I started Pedale Design. Since then I have worked with clients that range from small start-ups to big businesses, advertising agencies to non-profit charities. I look forward to every opportunity to work on new projects and the challenges they offer in giving strong aesthetic and direction to the companies I partner with and believe in.