Misc. Goods Co.

As it’s known to go at times, my work began to dry up. As I worked and waited for new clients, I knew I shouldn’t be complacent. So I began to create daily design disciplines to stay sharp. One of these disciplines was built on a lofty idea - What if I designed an entire deck of cards, exactly the way that I wanted? The idea was nothing but an exercise at first as I worked out a new design for every symbol, number, face card and back. So, I put my head down and began working ... and working ... and ... working. I nervously launched a Kickstarter campaign and became funded almost immediately. Now I continue designing and developing new products for sale at Misc. Goods Co.

Featured in Monocle, How Magazine, Fast Company, Wired, Uncrate, Dieline, Quipsolgy, Design Work Life, Details, Luell Magazine, Story NYC