Creativity as way of life

Creativity as way of life – Tyler Deeb

There are many ways of becoming successful in life, and creativity is one that most of us aspire to use as a tool for personal triumph. Everyone dreams of coming up with a revolutionary idea that makes the world a better place and carves our names deep into the history books.

However, a creative design does not necessarily have to cure diseases or ease environmental stress. It can simply be an attractive illustration that wins the admiration of many people. It is the case of Tyler Deeb, a graphic designer from Louisville, Kentucky that achieved success through a simple design for playing card decks.

Kickstarter sensation

After quitting his job in early 2012, Deeb was looking for an opportunity to improve his way of life. Among his many designs was one for playing card decks, which he wanted to release but which no manufacturer was willing to sponsor. Finally, the US Playing Card Company, the producers of the famous Bicycle Playing Cards promised Tyler that they would fund his idea if he could cover a part of the costs, which amounted to $6250.

Jobless and without any real perspectives, Tyler Deeb was skeptical that investing his life savings in a playing cards design would add any improvement to his lifestyle. Still, he took his idea online and started a Kickstarter campaign aimed to raise the necessary funds. The users of the crowd-sourced funding website fell in love with his idea, and they donated more than enough money for the project. With 20 days before the campaign had to end, Deeb's design had already generated more than $73,000 from more than 2,000 backers.

Giving back and paying it forward

A devout Christian, Taylor Deeb believed that most of the income generated by the Kickstarter campaign was a divine sign of trust from God. Therefore, he decided to give something back to the community by rewarding the backers with personalized t-shirts, caps and other small gifts. Deeb also created the design for this free merchandise.

When he started the crowdfunding campaign, Taylor was hoping to raise half of the necessary sum of $6,250 at most. However, when his expectations were exceeded, he decided to share his success with others. As a result, he donated a part of his earnings to other Kickstarter campaigns that promoted creative ideas.

Passion and creativity

Following his success, Taylor Deeb enjoyed an excellent media exposure from newspapers, TV and radio stations, as well as from online communities. Furthermore, he has received a significant number of job offers from companies that were eager to have him as a graphic designer.

Taylor Deeb refused all the professional positions he had been offered and chose to invest more time and resources in his new passion. Being able to sustain his way of life only with his creativity and hard work inspired Deeb, and freed him from the regular depression of a routine office job. Nowadays, he is a prominent entrepreneur and a motivational personality for up-and-coming designers.