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Creativity as way of life

Creativity as way of life - Tyler Deeb - Pedale Design

There are many ways of becoming successful in life, and creativity is one that most of us aspire to use as a tool for personal triumph. Everyone dreams of coming up with a revolutionary idea that makes the world a better place and carves our names deep into the history books.

However, a creative design does not necessarily have to cure diseases or ease environmental stress. It can simply be an attractive illustration that wins the admiration of many people. It is the case of Tyler Deeb, a graphic designer from Louisville, Kentucky that achieved success through a simple design for playing card decks.

Kickstarter sensation

After quitting his job in early 2012, Deeb was looking for an opportunity to improve his way of life. Among his many designs was one for playing card decks, which he wanted to release but which no manufacturer was willing to sponsor. Finally, the US Playing Card Company, the producers of the famous Bicycle Playing Cards promised Tyler that they would fund his idea if he could cover a part of the costs, which amounted to $6250...

visual impact of products

The visual impact of products on consumers

The average consumer strolls through the supermarket aisles picking between different brands of the same product without really questioning the reasons behind their choices. One could argue that the price is the primary factor in this decision, and they could not be further from the truth. However, would we still have the same shopping habits if all the products had the same white, plain packaging with two paragraphs of textual description?

How much the visual impact of a product does weigh in our final decision, and can we overlook it to buy better quality merchandise from companies that invest less in packaging design?

The power of colors

The connection behind colors and their effect on the human brain have long been studied by both psychologists and marketers alike. It seems that vibrant colors like red, orange and yellow increase the appetite and trigger the brain into believing that by purchasing a vividly-packaged product, it performs a rewarding action. This is the reason why most fast food chains have logos that are oversaturated with red or yellow, and why pink or orange packaging is preferred for sweets...

design successful

What makes a design successful?

Whether you are creating a commercial advertisement for a major company or a Christmas card for your grandmother, your illustration has to be impeccable. The quality of your creation is dependent on many factors. Here are the most important traits that make a design successful:

The lines

If you think that an attractive design will spring out of your imagination into its complete form and straight on to the paper, you are wrong. All great illustrations start from basic elements like dots and lines. The latter is the basis of all successful art creations, and unless you learn to master them, you will never be able to complete a high-quality product.

The power of lines is indisputable. A line is the visible, palpable connection between two points. It offers focus and directs the viewer's attention. It might seem surprising, but the best designs are not a collection of images mashed together, but a solid structure based on a framework of lines. Before you go any further in developing your illustrating skills, you should invest some time in drawing perfect, intricate lines...